Supporting Works

Syncens is an initiative to make people financially independent and promote humanity

SYNCENS School Program

Showcase life and market reality
to student and embrace the desire
of doing business.

Entrepreneurship Program

We discuss new business ideas
and encourage them to implement
in market.

Highly Optimized AI Algorithm

Create Core Programming and
Data Structure based Games.

Multi Platform Support

Supporting different platforms like
Android, IOS etc.

Our works on entertainment

Build Your AI Games on Unity, Android and IOS with Best Optimistic Algorithm

We have already proven our work and shown it in our portfolio.
Our works include Creative Post, Graphics Design, Video Editing, YouTube Video, Custom Android App, Dot Net, and PHP Software Development, etc.

Haplly is a Friendship App, where you can make new friends and share your emotion.

Perceive Real is a platform where you can share your views on School/College/University or other Institute.

E-commerce Website with effective & responsive design and with multiple features.


Our work on Advance Technologies


We analyzed NLP Solution for various different domain

AIPROG - Services - Business Development Software Company -

We provide various Image Processing Solution in different categories

AIPROG - business solution

Our Business Solution benefits owners in multiple ways

Visit our work and get in touch with us for your customized requirements related to posts, advertisements, software and more.

How We Can Help You