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Why Choose Us?

Business is not about only making money it is also about Passion and Art. We believe in it. If you are too then Contact Us

Order high-quality software development now.

Who Are We

AIPROG is an IT company based in Lucknow and Hyderabad.

We are a passionate and dedicated team of an evangelist to work for INDIA. We can transform our passion into problem-solving solutions by using high-quality algorithms.

AIPROG is a product-based company. We focus only on quality and final results. We can build high-quality custom software, games, and AI-enabled software.

AIPROG’s primary goal is to give a complete IT business solution. IN simple terms, “we can create your business”.

AIPROG’s secondary goal is to build AI-enabled software to easy and make better use of the software.

Our Mission

We believe in Quality rather than quantity.

Our primary mission is to build a world-class product that will be based on need, requirement, and on a niche problem.

Our secondary mission is to create an IT business for you(Software Development and Software Based Business). If you have money then we have passion, ability, power, intelligence, etc. combining all together, we can build an ecosystem. You put the money we put our strength.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring innovation to the business. We do not follow the traditional business model because this is a new generation. We have our ways. We believe in the formula of combine and grow together.

We believe in Quality rather than Quantity.

Technical vision

Our vision is to build high-quality software like Artificial Intelligence(AI)-enabled software, Machine learning(ML) and Deep Learning(DL) software, custom software development, enterprise software development, ERP solutions with AI, CRM software with AI, and many more.

Our initiative

AIPROG has taken a pledge to make the world a better place. To achieve our goal we have started an initiative called ‘SYNCENS’ where people become financially independent and promote humanity, this will happen when the majority of middle-class people will think about creating jobs.

The advantage of working with smart people like us is all the hard work we do and you have to take only the final decision.

Our Work culture

We believe good work only delivers when we enjoy our work.