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How to find best Android App Development Company in India 2021

In India, Android App Development has become popular with the rapid increase in the number of Android users. It is very challenging to find the top best Android App Development Company in India. Everyone wants to build and transform their business online. The best way to get an online platform is through Android. This has eventually caused an increase in demand for Android development companies.

The rapid rush or growth in the number of such companies has ultimately caused an increase in confusion among buyers. It has become challenging for clients or buyers to choose a suitable service provider among many which suit their requirement of android solutions.

Problems faced by buyers at Android App Development Company

The following problems occur for the client at the Android app development company:

A client is unaware of the actual App development cost

In most cases, clients get the idea of having their Android application by seeing their competitors. If their competitor does well with it, then they want the same.

They go to one Android App Development Company to ask for the price of building their App quoting their requirements. They get some price quotations from them. Now to have a fair price and better deal they do the same with several other companies. Every company quotes a different price for the same thing. This brings confusion to the client’s mind. However, this is not at all a problem. The real difficulty is yet to come.

Many companies quote very cheap prices for Android app development. In starting, these deals seem very lucrative and profitable. The client gets an Android app of 5 lacs in just 30-40k rupees. Sounds fantastic, Right?? But when the business grows the client gets proper acquaintance of their business working and needs. Surely there is a need for modifications in the services and up-gradation in their Android application.

Now the real thing comes in. The so-called cheap quotation provider eventually appears to be a cheap service provider too. The company now demands the price even more than the real development cost from the client for even a small modification in the App’s working or interface. This happens gradually and steps by step.

Here, an intelligent question one should ask himself is. Why a company would give you 5 lakh worth of product in just 40k rupees? The answer may save you from falling into these kinds of traps.

Initially, the client does not know about their business

It is just a starting phase of a business when a client wants their Android app to be developed. They gradually learn and explore the working and needs of their business. In many cases, they think their competitor already did this study part so they only move for the copy.

But slowly they understand their business and now they want to customize their app according to their needs. If it is a copy app, then the software company ignores to do these changes because the client paid very little money to them. In such a case, if the client changes company then a new app will be developed because the client does not have the source code.

The client does not get the source code

The client will only get the source code if they pay the real amount. The real amount of any Native android app starts from 1 lakh and this is just an initial price.

  • The client does not get consultation about their IT business
  1. The client knows what they need and the IT Company has it. But this is untrue.
  2. The client can only know what type of software they need if they know the IT industry and have their plan to execute it.
  3. If a client does not have this understanding and knowledge, most IT Companies do not suggest them.
  • Some IT companies intend to fool clients for money

Most of the companies who offer very few price quotations show their app to be very good and distinct but offer a copied or low-quality product. Their product looks great in terms of User Interface but has the worst functionality.

Difference between a copy app and a custom app

Whenever you will create software or a part of the application of existing software will know it as a copy app or copy software. If you what to create a business based on technology by using a copy app, then you are not creating a business. Your business will only create if you make revenue.

Whenever you create a new problem-solving product this is known as a custom app. You are creating a business first then you are moving to the technology. Your software will be based on your business, not the business is based on your software.

How does an IT Android App Development Company give 5 lacs of product in just 30k rupees?

In this case, the Android App Development Company is only giving you a copy app, not a custom app.

These companies create a custom app and take the actual cost from one client. Then later they just change some attributes, do slight modifications (change name, color, logo, etc.), and give it to you. In the first case, the company took 5 lacs from the client. They resell the same applies to the next client in just 30k rupees. This resold app is known as a copy app.

Another case is company pre-made the app at its own cost and resell it.

Advantages of copy app

  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick deployment
  • Pay after app demo
  • Easy to implement business
  • Fast business reach

The disadvantage of copy app

  • Market saturation
  • No modification and upgrade to the application (modification and upgrade need more money than the real cost.)
  • Business depends upon application (if the app failed the business also failed)
  • Low-quality application ( because UI/UX work not done properly)
  • No customer satisfaction (customer wants only good things).

Characteristics of worst Android App Development Company in India

Now, we come to the real topic. The following are the characteristics of the worst Android App Development Company in India:

  1. Low-class developers – companies hire low-class developers to save their expenses.
  2. Single developer completes project – In many companies, a single Android developer work on a complete Android project. This situation is getting worse when the company gives some input and asks them to create an app for it. Without any project planning, UI/UX work, and testing is done.
  3. No project planning – The company asks the developer to create a copy app and deliver it to the client. Then customize it according to its need.
  4. Toxic work environment – This type of company only cares about earning money. They don’t care about their employees. In return employee also doesn’t care about the company. The result is a low-quality application.
  5. Employee leaving their job very quickly – The company is not doing well for their employees. If they are not caring about their employees then how do you expect them to care for you.
  6. No transparency between employees, management, and boss – If a company dominates their employees, then they will dominate you too.
  7. A company without a vision – If a company does not have any vision then it will fail in the long run. One should not take their services.
  8. A company selling cheap products – The cost of a customized Android app starts around 1 lakh. However, these companies will offer you very less quotations.
  9. Fast project deployment – These companies deliver an app as fast as they can because they don’t make a customized project. They just copy-paste and give it to you.

Characteristics of best Android App Development Company in India

To find the good Android App Development Company in India, the following characteristics should meet:

  1. Single task single person – a good company has the following members in the team
  2. Android developer for app development.
  3. A graphics designer for graphics works.
  4. A UI/UX designer.
  5. A web app developer (PHP/ASP.NET/Python).
  6. A software tester.
  7. A project manager.

This is the reason for an Android app cost being high but in return, you get the best product and customer experience.

  • Stepwise work delivery – a good company completes its work in the following phases:
  • Freeze the requirement
  • Project plan and provide you with the project flowchart and data.
  • Provide you UI/UX design
  • Provide you with an app prototype
  • Starts coding and gives you updates
  • Project testing and gives you report
  • Make corrections and re-test
  • Deliver you the final project
  • Deploy to your play store or server.
  • Process-oriented company – In this type of company, work is not fully dependent on a particular person rather it is going through the process.
  • Transparency between employee and employer – Transparency makes the work more fruitful and builds good relations among employees which eventually leads to good output.
  • Skilled and smart people – If the company is hiring skilled and smart people, then you are on the safe side. Because these people will find a way to make your profit.

Steps to find the best Android App Development Company in India

The following are the steps to find the best Android App Development Company in India:

  1. Company portfolio – See the portfolio of a company in detail.
  2. Company projects – See the type of projects the company has built.
  3. Company reviews – A company is often judged by the reviews given by clients but equally important is to judge it by the reviews of its employees too.
  4. Skill test of employee – A salesperson does everything to get the project. So, it is up to you whether you want to give your project to a good or a bad company.

Do a skill test of the Android, web developer, and UI/UX designer? If they score good then only give your project to them.

  • Too soon project deployment – A customized android and web project takes time to be completed, approx. 3-6 months. If the project is delivered too soon, then there might be some chances of copy-paste
  •  Quality does not get compromised for costing – A good company knows that quality work takes time and effort. Therefore, their cost is high and they do not reduce their cost for a single project.
  • Advertisement campaign – If you choose a company by seeing any kind of ads campaign run by the company. Then, you have to make sure that the rank is organic or not. If there is no or less organic ranking, then it’s a fraud company.


Some suggestions to a client seeking a company for Android app development are don’t just look at the price tag. Do thorough research and then make a decision.

The comparison should always be based on the above factors. Otherwise, it may cause you a huge loss in your business.

You should own an application when your business needs it. Don’t just follow the market trends blindly because it’s continuously changing. App development may not seem a costly affair for you but its maintenance is.

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