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How to Calculate Android App Development Cost

The number of smartphone users increasing day by day. In 2020, 1.38 billion people using smartphones like Android/IOS in India, which means 31.8% of the total population of India. In 2019 it was 1.3 billion and more and more users increasing daily. 

As the number of users increases the number of apps also increases. 3.4 million apps on the play store were created by Indian developers. Approx. 1000 apps daily created. The number of apps demands increase software developer companies in India.

Mobile apps have quickly taken over aspects of life such as communication, entertainment, E-commerce, and more since the introduction of the smartphone. Mobile app development is becoming a need for businesses to keep up with consumer requirements. The interesting fact that must not be overlooked is that websites are visited less frequently than mobile apps. On the other hand, people spend 87 percent of their time on mobile apps, prompting the development of mobile apps for enterprises.

Let us find how to calculate Android app development cost in India 2021. The development cost is based on Android app, web app like admin panel, front end, and APIs app & team. We will discuss it in more detail in this article.

Implementation of Business through Android App

Experienced Android app developers can create apps that meet the needs of businesses while also ensuring that sensitive corporate data is protected. Furthermore, Android Enterprise allows businesses to select their preferred development environment.

It all simply comes down to providing a series of use cases. Why would people want to install your app? What services would it offer consumers in your target market, and would it be a significant enough benefit to justify the time and money spent developing and maintaining an app? Take some time to sit down and consider why you want an app for your business and also how to estimate the android app development cost and its requirements.

Native and Hybrid App

There are two types of android applications that are circulating in the current market: Native apps and hybrid apps, trying to satisfy the need of the consumers. Android app development cost of Native is higher then Hybrid.

So what are native apps? 

A native app is a type of tech or a system developed to do a certain purpose within a certain platform or environment. Software development tools (also known as SDK) for certain software frameworks, hardware platforms, or operating systems are used to create native apps. Native apps generally have two versions one for android and the other for iOS, it even uses different coding languages for both and runs individually for both Android and iOS. 

Hybrid mobile apps are similar to regular apps in that they are installed on a device. What sets them apart is that they combine aspects from native apps, which are software designed for a specific platform such as iOS or Android, with components from web apps, which are webpages that function like apps but are not installed on a device and are accessible via browser on the Internet.

Hybrid apps are installed in a native container that uses a mobile WebView object to display content. This object shows online material when the app is run, thanks to the usage of web technologies (CSS, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5).

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Why Cloud server is needed and which one to use?

If you take the examples for apps such as Tiktok, Helo, Likee, these are native apps, as said above they use different languages and operating systems separately for Android and iOS, and have the same server applications for both. 

When it comes to server technologies, we may have PHP,.NET, Titan, and Java to choose from. In the event of a security breach, Server Sites also require immediate attention. To operate any of the above-mentioned server sites, you’ll need to set up a cloud server, which provides more RAM and faster response times. Your web application must be hosted on a cloud server. 

Any cloud service, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Provider, or any other hosting service that offers cloud services, can be used. The cost of cloud services varies depending on the server’s consumption rate, such as read and write request and response, and data storage, and can range from $20k to $70k per month, usually, this can be higher than the development cost of your application. Android app development cost of cloud.

Android App Development Cost

Besides, you’ll need a development team. Your Android app development cost will depend on it.

  • 2-3 Android developers
  • 2 iOS developers
  • 3 Web Developers
  • 2 graphic designers
  • 1-2 software testers
  • One project manager is required. 

The timeframe for developing your application would be determined by their expertise and talents. These are the minimal prerequisites for your android app development cost, which will assist you in developing an alpha or beta version of your app in 6-8 months

Maintenance Cost

You need to set up your budget by defining some key and minimum criteria when you plan to invest in your app. If you want to create your app separately for Android and IOS, you’ll need to budget around 30 lacks.

You’ll have to pay maintenance costs yearly, which would cost you around 3-5 lac for the reliability of the app for a long period. The first year of maintenance cost is free which will include in Android app development cost.

Cloud Server Cost

Not only that, but if you need to add more user-friendly features to your apps, it would cost you another 5-15 lacks. Aside from that, you’ll need to pay a third party between $20,000 and $70,000 a year for your cloud server.

Google Play Store/ Apple Store Cost

Last but not least, Android app development cost also include app store cost. You must pay the Google Play Store a one-time fee of $25 and the Apple Store an annual fee of $100.

E-Commerce Development

eCommerce systems include Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Shopify, and others that enable inventory-based eCommerce models out of the box. Any of these systems may be used to create a simple eCommerce website, upload your items, and sell them to your consumers. 

Take, for example, They offer their brand of merchandise, which is why it is an inventory-based eCommerce platform. Amazon, BestBuy, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, and other eCommerce websites, on the other hand, follow a multi-vendor model or a hybrid approach, as Amazon sells its items on its website. Nonetheless, anybody may sign up and set up their stores on their website.

While many of the instruments are updated and constantly monitored, the regulations gradually rise. If you want to innovate and challenge expectations, you must be acquainted with your business strategy and how you innovate.

Calculate Ecommerce Android app development cost.

Website Developer

If you want to engage a professional, you will still want a content management system (CMS), as constructing websites from scratch is costly and time-consuming. A web developer will be able to establish a custom theme and design a website with all of the essential features for you. Because each website builder charges various costs for its templates and plugins, the cost of constructing a website will vary depending on its size and extent of customization.

Website builders can charge as low as $15-$30 per month for a basic subscription, but complex and intricate website builders may cost $700-$6500 a month.

E-Commerce Vendors and their Roles

E-commerce merchants have become an important part of our everyday life. The major producers of software needed to manage online storefronts are e-commerce providers. E-commerce vendors will occasionally give things to online e-commerce business owners in order for them to sell the things and profit. In the electronics business, there is a rapidly expanding niche sector.

E-commerce providers are required for a functioning e-commerce distribution chain. Especially for the proprietors of small electrical stores. To be more competitive in the e-commerce sector, e-commerce stores must be able to discover suppliers who provide lower costs.

There are various sorts of e-commerce vendors. The only method to get an internet store up and operating quickly. They may even have a large number of things to sell. This is when dropship vendors come in. These suppliers enable e-commerce merchants to accept orders directly from their websites.

E-commerce Admin Panel Tasks

An admin panel is a component of the back end that allows you to manage your website’s content and users. An admin panel is essentially a content management system (CMS). Many web development frameworks, such as Symfony, offer their own admin panels that you may customize to suit your needs. 

WordPress, on the other hand, is a stand-alone CMS. If you utilize a ready-made CMS, developing an admin panel may be done for a little cost. A bespoke admin panel, on the other hand, will cost between $2,000 and $8,000 to your android app development.

Now let us break down the several tasks of an Administrator.

  • Organizing Task

An administrator oversees your items, categories, orders, and shipping with ease. An administrator is in charge of uploading videos and pictures to your website.

  • Maintaining Coordination

An administrator maintains cooperation with important information of owners to ensure prompt delivery to your consumers. You can verify that all of your website data is maintained expertly, as well as the veracity of user reviews.

  • Tactics to brand promotion

An administrator assists you in developing tactics for promoting your brand to clients. Not only that but he or she analyzes newsletter performance and develops other sales-boosting techniques. Creates and retains bulk order reduced rates and product promo codes.

  • Keeping track of activities

An administrator assesses eCommerce transactions and supports practically all associate operations. They plan to monitor and fix all product information and site concerns. Coordination with the development team to prepare an effective timeline for the website project, analysis of consumer online experience, and recommendation of that experience for quality improvements are all part of the role.

CS-Cart is a well-known brand in the eCommerce solutions sector. Its multi-vendor is well-equipped with all of the necessary capabilities for quickly building and running a marketplace platform. When you buy a CS-Cart multi-vendor solution, you get most of the main features out of the box, including a dedicated vendor dashboard, a powerful commission management system, user access control, and several monetization channels.

  • Ease of use: Arcadier’s admin user interface is exceptionally simple to use, with helpful tutorials to get started and a large knowledge base that administrators can simply search. Arcadier’s DIY SaaS solution provides marketplace templates and ready-made design options, making it simple to build up your desired marketplace look and feel without requiring any coding skills.
  • Customizability: Provides a broad range of customization options, including plug-ins for beginners, HTML, CSS, and Javascript editors for more experienced developers, and SDKs, webhooks, and APIs for pro-level and professional programmers. These customizability options enable marketplace managers to modify a range of market planning elements.
  • Software Delivery Model: SaaS is managed with various hosting options available under various plans. Standalone environments are available upon request.
  • Estimated cost: A 30-day free trial is offered. Following that, you may choose from their recurring subscriptions, which provide growing perks such as extra monthly transactions and access to their plug-in marketplace, custom code editors, APIs, and SDKs. Packages begin at $79 per month.

UI/UX Design Cost

Depending on the android app development platform, the UI design also changes. Android development adheres to the Materials Design guide, whereas iOS development adheres to the Human Interaction Design guide. This contributes to the development costs of the software. Visual features like buttons, fonts, animations, etc. are provided in the UI design. It may take an average of 90 hours, of UI design for an application with single displays.  Android app development cost may affect by UI/UX.

The UX design offers an optimum user experience through processes, interactions, etc. Up to an average of 30 hours for simple UX designs. Therefore, the typical cost of UI/UX design begins between $2000 and $2500. For really sophisticated applications, it can amount to up to $30,000. Android app development cost of UI/UX

Payment Gateway Cost

The cost of connecting a payment gateway varies based on the service provider. It normally varies between 1.5 and 3 percent of the transaction cost.

Payment gateway may affect Android app development cost.

SMS Gateway Cost

SMS gateway integration is required to enable SMS sending and receiving through e-commerce apps. It costs around 20 paise each SMS. SMS service not include in Android app development cost.

Benefits of Subscription

  • Greater margin: It typically implies a higher margin, which also indicates that you can afford “to pay more” for a client, and frequently to develop quicker by “customer buy-out” more rapidly than your one-off transaction competitors.
  • Greater predictability: You have a lot closer notion of the amount of stock you need, what your shipping costs are, what your destinations will be, what your warehousing needs are, your probable income for the future, and more.
  • Lower retention expenses: Your clients ‘purchase’ from you automatically each month, without the need to return them via display retargeting, social services, e-mail, etc. (even though part of this is most likely), which means you will have less retainer expense.
  • A huge additional channel: For big firms like Amazon, completion itself is a channel – providing a means to provide their consumers with discounts, cross-sales, etc. This is generally more challenging for smaller retailers: they can only sell to a consumer once or twice a year. With a subscription company that allows you to engage much consistently with clients via this channel and construct the connection
  • Faster feedback loop: Again, if you are ordered by a client twice a year, it takes a long time to grasp any faults and give them priority to repair them. When consumers purchase each month they will rapidly report the difficulties, which will help you to quickly resolve difficulties and build a better product in turn, which will attract new consumers and will keep your present customers longer.
  • Value of the company: A firm that can state “we’re going to produce £3M next month” and that knows it will typically be more desirable than the identical firm without an income almost certain.

Cons’ of Subscriptions

  • You make a regular payment by a leap of faith that makes it simple to quit whenever you want, as there is always the doubt that the firm might make it difficult and too troublesome for you.
  •  They might become dull.
  • Many subscription companies send the same thing every month and it just turns into a stupid commodity item.
  • Volumes are usually a tricky match, given that you have to attempt to standard sizes with too few and too much of your subscription product for your demands.

Final Words

We have discuss Android app development cost.

Now you may acquire an appraisal of how much you can invest to build and design your software, and of which crucial aspects you can recall. Check out our website for queries about how to find the best android app development company

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