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Starts: 28th May '23 (Sun)

8:00 PM IST

Host : R.K. Chaudhary - Numerology Expert

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Here Are The 3 Major Powers You Will Develop Inside This 3-Day Numerology Course

Power #1

You will be able to provide instant solutions to any type of problem one may have in their life with the help of Vastu – Whether it is related to career, money, health, relationship, or anything else.

Power #2

You will be able to give the right knowledge about Vastu in different aspects like choosing colors, compass, locating different rooms position & its direction, plants, gender & also body parts and it’s linkage with Vastu Shastra.

Power #3

You will be able to monetize your knowledge by working with high-ticket clients for your Vastu services & make a successful career in it.

With these powers, you don’t need anything else or an expert to learn
Vastu… You Got It Everything Here Inside

"The 3 Days Live Numerology COURSE"

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Want To Pursue Your Career In Vastu Shastra

– And become successful at it with the right guidance and mentorship


Want To Become A Renowned Vastu Expert

– And get high ticket clients for your Vastu services


Want To Earn Big Money

– By helping people to solve their life problems with Vastu


Want To Get The Best & Correct Knowledge About Vastu

– So you can lead a fulfilling life and help others as well

It doesn’t matter if you're a Beginner or have Absolutely
ZERO Knowledge about VASTU…


The course will cover everything you need to know about Vastu, from its Basics to its Advanced concepts in the most effortless manner possible !

Here’s What You Will Learn

— Inside The 3 Days Numerology Course —

The Right Methods & Techniques to implement Vastu (the same way as that of ancient science) to create and attract immense positive energy and live a fulfilling life

How to Build a successful career with Vastu Shastra & make lots of money by helping people to transform their lives with your Vastu Knowledge

Why you don’t need any expert or wait for months and years to learn Vastu & succeed at it. (Note: I’ll handover you the complete roadmap & lessons that makes you a highly qualified Vastu Expert in the shortest time possible)

What are the Roles of colors & direction in Vastu and how to use them in the right way to build a perfect synchronization so you get its benefits & positivity

How to locate the room & its direction for different family members according to Vastu along with the main gate, Puja Ghar, Dining Hall, Kitchen, etc.

What are the common mistakes & myths about Vastu that almost everyone makes, but don’t know about it…. So you can avoid them & follow the right track with confidence

Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary

Meet Your Host:

Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary

Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary had made a significant remark with his Vastu Knowledge & helped thousands of his students to learn and make a successful career.

Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary

Normal Course Ticket Price : ₹5,500

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course will be for 90 mins daily for 3 days and will be held on the Zoom App.
Please check the top section of this page to get your preferred date for the course.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the art of Vastu Shastra from the basics & explore its core concepts to make a earning out of it. Here I will cover every important aspect of Vastu like colors, directions, its significance, myths, Astro-Vastu etc. that will build a strong foundation for you.

In short, this course is a perfect match for you if you’re looking to grow your knowledge & career in Vastu & become an expert in it… no matter even if you don’t know anything about Vastu.

Long story short, you’ll be introduced to various Vastu tools that will make you an ace performer in your organization, gain more visibility, promotions & rest opportunities are endless.

This course will help you to understand the core concepts of Vastu, the correct implementation of different things like plants, objects, placement of rooms in a particular direction, colors, etc. You’ll also get amazing bonuses once you enroll in the course. For more details on the deliverables, you can visit the top section of this page.

In the end, you can ask your doubts, and questions directly to me and I’ll answer each of your queries in the best possible manner, during the class live sessions.

Besides, you will also be introduced to various Vastu tools that will make you an ace performer in your organization, gain more visibility, promotions & rest opportunities are endless.

Make sure you join on time and have a notebook and pen to write the important points you may want to note during the course.

It is advisable to attend on PC and with good internet connectivity for a better learning experience.

Yes, however it’s highly recommended to attend the course LIVE for best learning experience and LIVE interaction with your mentor and directly all clear your doubts.

No! Even if you don’t have any knowledge about Vastu Shastra, still you can enroll and learn. This is not a workshop but a Course, where you will learn from basics to advance.

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Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary

P.S. Since you’ve read this far, it’s clear you’re interested in learning Vastu & making a career in it.

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